I’m a fabric maker, I turn yarn into soft and warm wearable or functional designs.

I love colour and pattern and how each influences the other.

I believe in slow and deliberate making to fulfil a need.

I design and make each item in my collection using the finest quality lambswool yarn.  I aim to create simple yet beautiful quality practical accessories which my customers will cherish.

I knit each item on a domestic knitting machine in my home studio.

Quality and simplicity of design is how I approach my work.

Most of my designs were born of a need, mittens in my cold studio and shop, snoods to keep my neck warm while knitting as my scarves were too bulky, big blanket style scarves to keep me warm on my winter beach walks.

I studied textile design in the late 80’s in Galway.  We learned every aspect of textile making, it was completely hands on and we had to learn every aspect of producing a finished product.  My first weaving project started with a farm visit to collect the fleece which we then processed by hand through every stage until the final finished product.  Though I specialised in printed fabric design my love of yarn and colour and knitting and weaving started in those early days.

I love the endless colour, pattern and texture possibilities I can get using a knitting machine.  I love its simplicity.

Here are some of my new Autumn/Winter Scarves.

Winchelsea Beach October 2022